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Celestinaea 00 0
Fragiles 00 0
Kergan 223.32233 0
fabiane 00 0
vapzon 00 0
King_Of_Hell 00 0
Merashia 412.24122 0
jack2013 00 0
badbrad179 00 0
HystericalHeart 1081080 0
corvynus 00 0
HeavenlyMight 22.5225 0
fiZikZ 00 0
NGpandah 00 0
_Urk 99990 0
Perfect211 00 0
Deibross 54540 0
Evrose 20.6206 0
b69slick2002 181.61816 0
matsonic 00 0
Reglian_FW 00 0
Tablesalt 00 0
Tacosaurus 00 0
Riveer 00 0
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Stoak 00 0
Zyhra 00 0
Morungol 00 0
Tooshie- 00 0
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*Mess with the Best Die like the Rest!*

Dominant is a social guild that offers their members to play any way they want (within ToS and guildrules). We offer a level 6 Guild with a level 3 base and space for 240 members. We all work hard to build up our own character, help with other peoples character and make our guild stronger.

Register for this site as a member you have the chance to vote on decisions, read/write guides and stay in contact with all guildies without having to wait for them to pop online. As a non member of Dominant, you can check out the general forum to have a word with us.

* Coming Soon*
DKP System for World Boss 
For more info, please go to the link below to see how EP/GP is a Fair and Awesome DKP System 
Guild News

The Immortal Rift

Icredentia, Nov 17, 11 11:26 PM.

                                The Immortal Rift is here!!

     For those wondering about the new Guild versus Guild system, Yes it is here, And yes we are participating. Last week We were able to gain 5D in guild funds plus lots of rewards for members of the guild that fought and some that helped in the background.
     The guild wars will normally take place on Saturday at 20:00 but if there is any change there will be adequate notice if you listen in guild chat. We would like it if every 50+ player could do their part and help us out with this. It is VERY fun and it will be a way for you to prove how Dominant you really are.
     Need more information? PM me or Kira_Light or any other officer you feel comfortable with. You can also talk to the NPC next to Jessica in FH. Thank you all for your participation and help in the guild. Lets keep our reputation in the Guild wars and beat all the guilds who think that they can beat Dominant.

November 3

SkidsMarrow, Nov 3, 11 2:20 PM.

A day later then usual, but I've been busy :p

- The Guild Rules have been changed a bit, please read them! There is also a sub forum on them (which is public)
- All VL & CL get a moderating position on the website. It is called officer and the officers have their own forum.
- There will be a closer watch on all fronts from on Monday. Slackers will be watched, recruiting will take place. 
- Because of the changes in the website, most important info for all guildies to know is now public, but for more info and help I suggest everybody with no login: make one now! If a GL/VL/CL points you something to read on the website, we cannot help if you didn't register. Not being regged is not a reason for not knowing.

Full Speed Ahead!

Storms of War

SkidsMarrow, Oct 28, 11 3:17 AM.

New content is on the way
* Level cap raise
* New Guild war system
* New dungeons
Devotion System
New pets mounts and Items
* And soo much more...

Mind that this could be a very long maint and some glitches can be expected with several server shut downs to fix it.
Arena & GvG Schedule
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Recruiting active lvl 40+ members, able to do Guild Trade Runs and Guild Construction Quests.GvG (Immortal Rift Lv 50+) every Saturday,WB Hunt and more!
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